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Job Description:

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We need a high-res, black and white logo on a transparent background at 300 dpi, 12″ by 12″. It would be nice if we could have a version that was white ink on a black background as well to use.

The image is a comic book style Wombat dressed in a super hero outfit with its 4 claws extended on each hand. The wombat should have a serious, angry look on its face and be charging/running toward the image viewer. Again, a similar style and pose to the Wolverine drawing below. The costume should be similar as well, but we do not want those extra piece of boot flaring up off of his knees.

We have a (very poor) sample image below of the pose the Wombat should have. However, please note we do not like the head sizing or shape, the goofy/silliness of the facial expression, or the bulkiness of the character. We want something better than this sample drawing.

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Logo Drawing Should Be In Comic Book Style

We’d like the drawing to be similar to this Wolverine image. With wombat having the same charging pose with 4 claws extented.

Logo Should Be In A Heavy Line Logo Style Like This

The logo should have heavier line work and less intricate line detail than the Wolverine drawing. It will be used a logo stamp on business cards and signage. So, not too many fine details needed.

Image Should Be Full-Body Drawing, Straight-On Perspective

This is a (very poor) mock-up drawing of the pose the wombat should be in. Please note the head should not look silly. The wombat should look angry and cool, like a real super hero running into battle.

Wombat Face Sample Image

Here’s a sample image of a wombat’s face. Many more can be found with a Google search.

Wombat Head Shape Sample Image

Here’s a sample image of a wombat’s head shape. Many more can be found with a Google search.

Wombat 4 Claws Sample Image

Please note that we’d like 4 claws on each hand extended in the logo drawing (instead of the 3 in the Wolverine drawing).