Atomic Wombat Comics


We started off as a small comic book shop with a built-on comedy theater in the back. After six months the comic shops never really took off but the comedy theater flourished.

So, we closed the comic book shop (RIP Atomic Wombat Comics) and instead have become a full-time comedy theater, improv training school and podcast studio (long live The Amazing Comedy Theater).

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Comic Books For All

Our goal is to make comic books and collecting fun and accessible for all. We focus helping collectors and buyers connect to buy, sell and trade the titles and libraries they are trying to build. We invite comic creators, artists and writers to come down to sign, sell and talk about their new works when they come out. And we host monthly “trade days” where comic fans can meet and trade books with each other.

Toys Aren't Just For Kids

It’s funny how a lot of us grew up collecting Star Wars, GI Joe, He-Man, Marvel, DC and hundreds of other toy lines and never really quit. No with the internet we’re able to help toy fans find and obtain the toys they need (or at least want really, really badly) and give them a cool space do it in. Similar to our comic books we offer toy creators, designers and artists a place to meet, greet and speak with their fans as well. We host monthly toy “trade days” as well.

Recapturing Childhood One Slab, Carded Figure and Commemorative Glass At Time

We understand comic, toy and collectible hunting and trading isn’t for everyone. Heck, it’s a lot of work, can get quite expensive and can even be considered a little juvenile. But, so is paying thousands of dollars on golf clubs and greens fees. And we’ll take successfully collecting the Kenner Original 72 in pristine condition over a hole-in-one any day.


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